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It’s hard to turn a blind eye to the popularity of prefabricated structures these days. Whether you are a big fan of them or not, they seem to be the rave of the moment, and they may have come to stay for good. Before now, it used to be all about traditional (brick and mortar) buildings – structures to which we have all become accustomed. Today, the paradigm is shifting, and there seem to be lots of spotlights on modular and container homes.

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We are simple and the most reliable portable cabins manufacturer in India. Get Early Bird rates, and much more! Transform your your project, compelet it on time by starting it immediately with help of porta cabins, do more with less. Find container office tailor-made for your small or midsize company.

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A brief history of container buildings

When you hear the words shipping containers, the first thing that comes to mind is that they are used for easy and safe transportation of various kinds of goods and services. Before the advent of containers, humans have been dealing in the movement of goods from one place to another, but most of the methods they used were grossly inefficient.

Why containers became vastly used:

Spacious enough to accommodate large quantities of goods but compact enough to fit unto a truck and be transported safely without damaging the goods in them.|
Possess the strength to withstand all the adverse conditions at sea, but light enough to be carried using forklifts, cranes, and other equipment
Possess enough uniformity to fit unto a vessel or ship, but have the flexibility to move different types of goods – bulk goods, refrigerated goods, dry goods

Porta Cabins

Portacabins are moveable buildings from one place to another. These cabins are specially designed for porting from one destination to another destination. SAMAN Portable Office Solutions are best in India for providing the best cabin as per Client Requirements. SAMAN Portable Office Solutions, are leading manufacturers and exporters of Porta Cabins in all over India. All these Portable Cabins and other structures are available in different sizes and shapes. You can use all this cabin for office purposes like guard cabin, office space, and so more.

Portable homes

SAMAN POS India are the best manufacturer of Portable Houses in India. These Portable Houses are available in various sizes as per customer requirements. We made those houses out of the tough PVC material. Portable homes are very easy to dismantle, fabricate, and re-fixed at any time and wherever you want to. SAMAN POS India Pvt Ltd is a leading supplier and manufacturer of Portable homes. We have started as a small business in the year 2017. We used the latest techniques, which have made them valuable.

Security Cabin

SAMAN POS India Pvt Ltd is Leading Supplier and Manufacturer of Portable Security Cabins in INDIA. We are very hasty in response to provide quality as well as quantity work to our Client. We have a facility that can deliver you, whether you require a cabin for Single person or to your office staff. We work as a nationwide for Container office, office cabins, Portable office. As the world is going eco-Friendly, we are also moving down on the Green Path and manufacturing Eco-Friendly Security Cabin.

Industrial Shed Manufacturer

SAMAN POS India Pvt Ltd has expertise in manufacturing, designing, understandable as per customer requirement and exporting Sheds. Our highly qualify and well train engineers are providing quality sheds. We always keep ourselves upgraded as per current market trends. SAMAN POS India Pvt Ltd is a brand name among the all industrial shed manufacturers in industries. We are the best industrial shed manufacturer in INDIA with having superior manufacturing and designing ideas as per Client desire.

Mobile toilet

SAMAN POS India Pvt Ltd is the best supplier of a prevalent range of Mobile Toilet in India. We design toilets to make them hygiene. Our toilet can be used by every age of people. As moving towards Green, we used Bio digestor technology, which is completely Eco-Friendly.  Our Mobile Toilets at SAMAN POS India Pvt Ltd having upgraded facilities, which can help customers to use easily. We can deliver it wherever the customer wants. We are also providing restrooms with this toilet.

Prefab site offices

SAMAN POS India Pvt Ltd is a leading manufacturer of prefab site offices, movable project office, mobile office, prefab site office cabins, prefab construction site office, and prefabricated offices in India. If Your business is roaming within a year, then this is very costly to purchase every time land for your office. Prefab site offices are the best option for this kind of business. We are best to understand your office and money requirements.

So what is a shipping container house?


Contrary to consensus, many building categories can be grouped under shipping container construction. When it comes to container structures, the possibilities are almost endless. You can have single-unit buildings, wheel-enabled tiny container building, and some containers buildings feature walls that were previously a part of a bigger interior. Container homes simply refer to buildings that have been specially designed and constructed using shipping containers as their primary raw material.

Prefabricated structures are the rave of the moment

If you are wondering why there’s a lot of buzz around the idea of owning a porta cabin these days, well, the reasons may not be far-far-fetched. One of the things that make these structures appealing is that they are ecofriendly and put no undesirable pressure on the environment. With the much-publicized effects of global warming and the need to turn to renewable materials, the idea of owning a container house makes perfect sense for people from all works of life.

Another important reason is these structures are cost-effective, as they require minimal up-front financial commitment as well as little to no maintenance cost. One of the factors that influence people’s choices when it comes to choosing a home is cost. We all want to save money and free up funds for some other ventures or commitment. By opting for a porta cabin, you will save lots of money not only on the structure but on installations and maintenance.

Beware of unprofessional companies

One of the most valuable information you need in your quest for the perfect prefabricated home is that not all modular homes have the same quality. Also, not all manufacturers and suppliers are the same or on the same level. But with the amount of buzz around this subject, as well as the number of companies entering the market and trying to get in front of the consumer, knowing how to identify the real players from impostors could be highly beneficial. 

SAMAM POS India is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of portable toilets, prefabricated structures, office cabins, and all forms of modular structures. We are arguably the most reliable and trusted manufacturers and suppliers in India and surrounding countries, delivering top-rated services to our clients and customers. One of the qualities our customers love about us is our level of professionalism. While there are lots of self-acclaimed container home manufacturers, we go a step further to put our feet where our money is. We understand the need of our customers, and we are always striving to exceed their expectations with every successful project.

Our innovative concepts 

One of the qualities that distinguish us at SAMAN POS is our ability to churn out loads of innovative designs that wow our customers. When you approach us for a container office, portable cabin, or other prefabricated structures, you will be able to choose from a plethora of classy and innovative designs. In other words, you are just a couple of steps away from turning your dream into reality and being a proud owner of one of our prefabricated buildings.

With our team of highly trained experts, who are ready to go all out to put that well-deserved smile on your face, Working with us cannot be easier. The level of our professionalism is second to none, which is one of the reasons we are taking the market by storm. We are gradually spreading our tentacles and establishing our presence in other countries as we move to gain global recognition and further grow our brand. Our ultimate goal is to exceed customers’ expectations to the point where they are happy to vouch for us and recommend our products and services.

Feel at home in a gorgeous container home

Have you ever wondered what it feels like living in a container home? Well, many people who are nursing the thought of getting a container structure will probably feel that way. This is because they are a bit apprehensive and wondering if they will get the same comfort offered by traditional brick and mortar structures.

The container structures manufactured by SAMAN POS are built with our customers’ comfort in mind. Rather than fork out a fortune to build a traditional structure, our modular homes are incredibly affordable and come with all the features and add-ons that come with conventional homes. One of the reasons customers love our prefab solutions is the amount of control and flexibility they get after getting their dream home built, delivered, and installed. All our structures come fully customizable, and you can expand them or make structural changes to them in the future.

Our portable mobile toilets make life easier

When planning to move into a new house or office, one of the most important subjects that come up is the toilet. Take it or leave it; it’s hard to avoid the issue. Our visionary designers at SAMAN POS understand what it takes to construct a state of the art toilet facility that not only possesses all the functionality of a traditional restroom but is also aesthetically appealing.

We understand the needs of our customers perfectly, and we are moving to fill that void by building mobile toilets that are durable and capable of lasting many years with minimal to no maintenance. SAMAN POS India Private Limited serve those purposes honestly, sincerely and cost effectively. We always to the customers and seek feedback and try to satisfy our clients.

Increase productivity with a container office

If you run any kind of business or you are into sales and marketing, you’ll already know that having a conducive and comfortable office can impact your business positively in many areas. When you order a container office from us, you are sure to get a complete structure that has the features and flexibility of their traditional counterparts.

Another thing to love about our prefab office structures is that they come fully customizable. If you wish to expand your business to accommodate more employees in the future, you will only need to detach the necessary compartments and attach the add-ons of your choice. Here are the benefits of choosing portable cabin structures. If you are thinking of choosing one of our portable buildings but still sitting on the fence, here are some of the benefits you’ll get to enjoy when you finally decide to pitch your tent with us:

Cost-efficient structures

One of the first factors we consider when trying to choose any type of building is the cost of constructing and maintaining it over a long period. If you are planning to go with a brick and mortar building, for instance, then you should be prepared for the massive amount of money you will have to spend. First, you need to acquire the land, get it approved, and ensure every other thing is in place. When it comes to the actual construction, you will need to factor in the cost of hiring on-site workers and paying them regularly throughout the entire duration of the project, and this could run into several weeks or months, depending on the magnitude of the project.

However, our porta cabin structures allow you to save money in many areas. First, you won’t have to deal with hiring on-site workers, paying them, or dealing with other issues that have to do with managing laborers. This is because all our manufacturing and construction are done at a designated off-site factory, which eliminates the possibility of spending extra money to manage on-site employs. When your structure, we will safely transport it to your site, where we will assemble and install it. Also, this installation only takes a couple of hours rather than weeks.

Why Choose Us

  • Aesthetically appealing designs: When setting up a building, whether it’s for residential or commercial use, you want to double-check and ensure it has all the necessary aesthetic appeal that matches its purpose. At SAMAN POS, All our prefabricated structures, be it portable toilets, office cabins, or container house buildings, are designed and built to possess the aesthetic appeal of their traditional counterparts.
  • Best design Concept: When it comes to design concepts, our customers have the freedom to choose from our collection. Also, if they want something more specific, they can provide their custom specifications and requirements, and we will work with their layout and construct their building as requested.

  • Save plenty of time: Time, they say, is money, and we understand how important it is to have plenty of free time to spare here and there. That’s why our entire operation is built around delivering high-quality products and services in record time. As explained earlier, our actual manufacturing is done off-site, which means you won’t have to spend several weeks or even months managing on-site workers. Also, because there is no on-site manufacturing to deal with, we can manufacture your prefabricated building and deliver them to your site within a short time. That way, you will be able to free up time to be spent on some other productive activities. For instance, if you order one of our office cabins, we will build, deliver, and install them on your site within a few weeks, allowing you concentrate on tasks that directly increase your business’ productivity and revenue.

  • Safe and secure structures: It’s not uncommon for prospective customers to have doubts concerning the safety of our prefabricated structures. They are probably still oblivious of many benefits these structures have to offer, as well as the high-quality materials used to produce them.

Aside from the fact that porta cabins are built using cutting edge technology, they are produced with the safety of lives and property in mind. SAMAN POS India ensures that only premium grade materials and products are used in its manufacturing process, which makes them resistant to even the most severe weather conditions. More so, our prefabricated structures have been tested and proven to be able to withstand natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, and so on. Unlike brick and mortar construction work, there are more stringent guidelines and regulations for us to follow and comply with, which make our prefabricated buildings much safer than their traditional counterparts.

To further ensure the complete safety of all products coming out of our stable, we have a procurement and quality control team in place that ensures that every procured product and material meets the required standard. The team also goes a step further to test every manufactured structure to ensure they maintain that premium quality before they are delivered to the customer.

So, if you want a prefabricated structure that is not only durable but also safe and aesthetically flawless, you should consider one of our porta cabins. You will also not have to worry about maintenance, because once assembled and installed, our structures can stay in excellent condition for many years to come.


“DiviLeads helped me prepare for the job hunt and found me the perfect position in a matter of weeks! Professional and communicative every step of the way!”

Edward Bull
Placed Candidate

“DiviLeads helped me prepare for the job hunt and found me the perfect position in a matter of weeks! Professional and communicative every step of the way!”

Edward Bull
Placed Candidate

“DiviLeads helped me prepare for the job hunt and found me the perfect position in a matter of weeks! Professional and communicative every step of the way!”

Edward Bull
Placed Candidate

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