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Our Portable Toilets at SAMAN Portables features an exclusive range of pre-manufactured products with extensive features and benefits. Manufactured using advanced technology and industrial grade raw materials, our prefab porta toilet is a comfortable and budget-friendly choice for residential and commercial platforms.

Availing of customized portable toilets offers your serious advantages over traditional permanent toilets. A portable toilet provides economic relief to organizers while planning for an outdoor event. Whether it’s a group picnic, or a commercial activity of a business, installing toilet remains the first priority of everyone.

Save Your Time

Developing permanent toilets may seem fine when you have a fixed location for your business or resident. However, installing portable toilet not even costs a fragment of the investment compared with a permanent structure. For constructing a traditional toilet, an organization has to go through a long procedure such a getting a land permit, hiring workers, ordering raw materials and importantly, the time taken for final construction. 

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While it may range between months for a traditional toilet for being operative; a portable toilet in contrast hardly takes a couple of weeks. As the end-products are pre-manufactured, they offer complete flexibility during the installation process. Neither it requires a long force of labors nor it demands any precise supervision.



Product Details

Approx. Rs 1,100 / Square Feet

Product Details :

Minimum Order Quantity

1 Square Feet

Door Height

6-8 ft

Surface Finish

Color Coated


Easily Assembled

Built Type




We are instrumental in offering a comprehensive range of Portable Home Container.

Save Your Money

As the leading portable cabins manufacturer, you can use the cabins, available with us as the temporary form of lodging. As a matter of fact, these structures, available at SAMAN Portable Office Solutions serve as temporary or permanent lodging, catering to your needs. Besides, you can avail them in a wide assortment of unique sizes and shapes. Again, each one of them has benefits and capabilities over the other. Likewise, as these cabins are portable, they are sure to serve a wide variety of needs. If you are in urgent need of these products, you will deliver them to the destined place in no time.

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Preserve the Environment

Constructing traditional toilet results in severe environmental issues such as land pollution, sound pollution. Apart from that property damage and personal damage also is a major concern to deal. Also, it’s not a onetime thing as the same environmental issues are bound to happen during renovation, demolition and refurbishment procedure. Hence, we at SAMAN Portable has emerged as India’s leading provider of Portable Toiler, which are manufactured with eco-friendly and renewable ACP materials. As they come pre-manufactures, it automatically eliminates the need for on-site construction, which contributes to a healthier environment.


Whether you rent existing bathrooms or build your own at a remote location, maintaining proper hygiene in utmost importance. Keeping the toilet clean become a hassle when the events extended from days to weeks. Also, water facilities and plumbing often become a roadblock. Our portable toilet provides comfortability and cleanliness. You can build an additional water conservation tank and store bulk water, ensuring 100% availability of water.  You can also get them customized for safe wiring and an extra slot for installing an exhaust fan. To keep the drain water away from the toilet, you can fit a long pipe that stretches far away from the operational area.

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Comfort for Employees

Our portable toilet offers superior comfort to the users even in the remotest part of India. As they are easy to assemble and transport, you can install a full-fledged restroom for your employees. Rather than looking for emergency restrooms, your employees can enjoy the comfort of a bathroom. Apart from that, you don’t have to worry about building a new structure. With portable toilets, you can easily add or dismount several spaces as per your workforce’s population. Your employees are your greater assets, and a valued employee can return the favor through their efficiency.


Our portable toilet is ideal for businesses whose core tasks involves traveling to different locations. In such a circumstance, developing brick & mortar buildings seems illogical as that would result in massive monetary losses. Utilizing our customized portable toilets, you not only save your money but also days of hassle and inconvenience. Our portable toilets come from durable ACP Materials which works for decades without any quality deterioration. Also, their foldable and light-weight feature allows you to load them in a truck and transport them along with anywhere you go.

Shapes and Sizes

Our portable toilets come with a wide range of shapes, sizes, and layouts. We have a team of professional designers that take your requirement into consideration and generate comfortable and elegant prefab structures implementing advanced methodologies. Our business focuses on catering the requirement of multifaceted companies. We provide single and enclosed portable toilet as well as extended multiple toilets in a single platform for a large workforce. We offer prefab toilets and restrooms for varied layouts and shapes; customized for installing various accessories.


Unsafe, fragile and shock-prone are the major myths associated with a portable structure. Actually, a portable toilet offers the same (even more) safety features as similar to a traditional structure. The reason lies in the robust legal code implementation on container homes. According to law, all manufacturing companies must follow the standard safety procedure. Portable cabins from SAMAN Portables are specially manufactured to withstand the harsh climate condition of India. Our Portable toilet is manufactured utilizing premium quality ACP and ultramodern technologies, making them highly resistant to corrosion, water, and shock. Besides, our prefab toilets can stand cyclone, earthquake and other natural calamities.


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